New Authority Parenting Group

January – April 2017

Many parents experience their children trying to control them, sometimes to the extent that the children become physically aggressive towards them or show persistent demanding and disruptive behaviour.

Parents often find that their usual strategies do not work. They try reprimands, threats and punishments and the child responds by escalating the aggressive behaviours. When parents try reasoning, persuasion or giving in, this also tends to perpetuate the vicious cycle of escalating behaviour.

Parents often comment that they have tried everything and nothing has worked resulting in them feeling hopeless and helpless.

What is ‘New Authority’ Parenting?

New Authority is a different way of working with parents and their support network. The approach uses Gandhi’s strategies of non-violent resistance and the civil rights movement. It looks at escalation processes between parents and child and helps parents understand how to overcome these in a persistent but non-violent way.

It encourages parents to take an active stance and reclaim their parental presence with their child so they feel more in control of their own time, their own home and themselves. There is usually a noticeable effect on the child’s behaviour and well-being.

Research for this way of working is promising and is now used in many health services to support parents and children

Who is the group for?

The group is for all parents and carers of school age children who are experiencing these kinds of difficulties including children with diagnosed disorders. There will be between 4 and 8 families and two facilitators, Dr Alison Sankey, retired Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist and Helen Gibson, Family Therapist. The group is run in a relaxed and friendly environment and parents are encouraged to learn and practice strategies together and support each other in a confidential atmosphere.

Dates, Time and Venue

To be arranged to meet the needs of the client group.


£365 per person, £420 per couple.

Help with costs may be available to some families.

Please contact [email protected] or go to if you are interested in coming.


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