What is Video Enhanced Reflective Practice (VERP)?


Video Enhanced Reflective Practice: a method to support individuals or groups to develop their communication, teaching or therapeutic skills with their clients through guided reflection on video clips of their day-to-day practice which they have edited. This is a strengths-based approach where participants are helped to identify and build on their present skills and set themselves their next goal or challenge. It was developed from the therapeutic intervention Video Interaction Guidance and shares the same methodology, ethics and ‘principles of attuned interaction and guidance’. VERP is often delivered in a short-course format comprising an initial training session followed by three to six supervision sessions.

Who is VERP for?

VERP will be useful for professionals who wish to reflect on their communication with their clients and staff groups.

How is VERP offered?

VERP is usually offered in-house to groups up to twelve with a minimum of 4.

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